How soon will I receive my Digital Caricature?

Your caricature will arrive within 3-5 working days of placing your order.

After placing my order, is there a way to adjust the email address I have provided in case I have mistyped/misspelt something?

If you would like to make changes after ordering, please contact us as soon as possible. Write to us under the Contact menu item ( or on Facebook.

In what the quality will the finished Digital Caricature be provided in?

Our caricatures are prepared in high resolution (2480 x 3508, 300 dpi),thus ensuring extremely high quality. These will be exported without data loss and sent to our customers by e-mail.

What payment options are available on your website?

Through the Stripe system, you can pay with all credit cards accepted in Europe.

What options are available with the completed Digital Caricature?

The choice is entirely yours! Print it out, frame it, make a t-shirt out of it or put it on a mug. Even if you simply send/forward it by e-mail, you and/or your loved one is guaranteed to enjoy it!