The two members of the Digital Caricature team are Áron Hidvégi and Ákos Molnár.

We were both educated and trained in professional fine art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where we not only mastered the curriculum, but also worked on improving our drawing skills by drawing/sketching day and night.

We have received a lot of praise for our work in the field, thus, we have finally decided that we would like to bring the same joy that our drawings brought to our family members and friends, also to the “General Public” with drawings of similar nature. Our main goal is to put a smile on the face of everyone through the provision of digital caricatures. It was from this idea that our now popular digital caricature website was born.

The purpose of creating our website was to provide a more modern interface offering easy access to a product of high artistic value that is truly unique, personal and a special gift for any occasion.

We cater to people from all over the country for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate team building events, weddings or in connection with an upcoming holiday, because we are able to deliver a unique experience to one’s partner, colleague, friend and/or family member. We look forward to fulfilling any requests of this nature.

We have been working together for several years on various domestic and international art projects through which we have gained domestic and international recognition within our profession. We believe that our reputation and our past work provides a quasi-guarantee for a high standard of service.

If you would like to find out more about our other projects, please visit our website

We sincerely hope that you will be happy with our handmade digital caricature and you will also experience what we mean by our 100% ALL SMILES GUARANTEE!

Thank you for your trust in our products and services!